S. O. OLUTUASE's Profile

Samuel O. OLUTUASE a positive, proactive and result-driven individual with records of experience in various academic and non-academic roles. He possesses excellent interpersonal, communication, leadership and coordinating skills as well as the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships.

OLUTUASE enjoys being part of his immediate community and strive to contribute to its development. He particularly thrives and takes pleasure in any challenging academic and working environments. His dual optimism is that he possess the skills, knowledge, expertise, competence and experience requisite to deliver beyond expectation on this job and that the job is challenging enough to spur him to greater heights and growth. He is equally goal-oriented and dynamic.

An academic in the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Jos, OLUTUASE holds B.Sc. in Business Management and MBA as well as posseses rich teaching, training and research experiences in areas Human Resource Management, Management consultancy, business proposal writing and feasibility studies, I.C.T., Business Mathematics and Strategic management. He is flexible and possesses team playing spirit.

OLUTUASE is happily married to Victory Olutuase and they are both blessed with two sons, Jerry and Jossy.

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