This is a two-credit unit core course offered by students of Management in the Department of Business Administration, University of Jos. The course aims at equipping business students with the requisite practical knowledge and skills that would help grow their managerial competence success in the 21st century any where across the globe. Having gone through the course materials, it is expected that the student would be able to collect data, take same through data processing activities in the most efficient and effective manner; be apt to identify areas for partial or complete change in an information system within the context of Systems Development theory as well as better placed to acquire advance education and skills in computing.

For Course OutlineCLICK HERE. CONTACT HOURS: Monday [8:00GMT - 11:00GMT] @ PG LAB, Library Complex, University of Jos [April - July, 2015]. COURSE EMAIL: BUS316@SAMOLUTUASE.COM. To enroll for this course, CLICK HERE and to enter the online class, CLICK HERE.